We sincerely thank all our customers, distributors, suppliers, and business associates for their continuous support in this exciting and successful journey.

35-Year Journey



In 2021

products are now found

 on the shelves in U.S.A, Canada, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Pakistan.

In less than a year after the launch of product, Life Saver Solutions, Inc., secured agreements with distributors in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Washington D.C, Missouri, Kansas within U.S and Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Kenya, Lithuania, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Pakistan internationally.

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Product line was introduced

A separate new California corporation

Finally, the product line was introduced in two stages- Feb 2011 in Anaheim California and June 2011 at a Tradeshow in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Both the events went successful!

A separate new California corporation - Life Saver Solutions, Inc. was set up to handle the business for the product line with the new brand name!

The Trademarks, Logos, Designs and Products’ Names were developed, acquired and registered.


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Team formation

Product development under Dr. Bruce A. Lin

A team for marketing and brand enhancement was formed under the experienced supervision of Mr. Emanuel Harnick and another team took the challenging task of a comprehensive product development under Dr. Bruce A. Lin.


In spring

conceived the idea

In spring of 2010 our company executives conceived the idea of starting a dietary supplement line with our own brand name while continuing with OEM and private label manufacturing. This idea gave birth to .... !

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Before 2010

produced hundreds of millions items

long list of satisfied customers

Since then we have produced hundreds of millions of Tablets, Capsules, Soft Gels and Caplets of Dietary Supplements and Vitamins for a long list of satisfied customers along with our first special customer.

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buisness growth

stepped into challenging world

Our favorite customer’s business was growing faster than they anticipated and we eagerly stepped into the exciting and challenging world of supplement manufacturing to support.


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In early 1985

manufacturing of supplements

In early 1985 we were actually put into manufacturing of supplements by our customer who had been buying from us when we were in supplements distribution business!

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We feel great to share the story of our exciting business journey.
A word about us ……. Dietary Supplements’ journey!